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Monday, February 18, 2013

Poetry 5663 Skywriting: Poems to Fly

Poems to Fly
By J. Patrick Lewis
Illustrated by Laszlo Kubinyi

cover image retrieved 2/17/13

Lewis, J. Patrick. Skywriting: Poems to Fly. Mankato, Minn: Creative Editions, 2010.

Critical Analysis
It’s a bird… it’s a plane… it’s a magical book of poetry about flight! Skywriting: Poems to Fly captures the wanderlust spirit of aviation exploration through the years in descriptive poems that bring each experience to life. Arranged chronologically, and cataloged in a table of contents at the beginning of the volume, traipsing through the pages of this book gives the reader a glimpse into the whimsical side of flight throughout history. All the original work of prolific poet J. Patrick Lewis, these poems are appealing on numerous levels. Lewis knows how to grab his reader’s attention with interesting topics, a quirky sense of humor, and an abundance of carefully chosen words to construct poetry that engulfs the reader in the experience. Stunning illustrations by Laszlo Kubinyi appear on the full page opposite each poem, or on a two-page spread, with the poem superimposed. Words and images combine to stimulate the imagination and sensory experience for the reader. Font type for poem titles has been selected to intermix with the particular time or location of the flight event.

These poems beg to be read aloud, to heighten the experience of the reading by hearing the rhythm and rhyme blend seamlessly. Word selection suits these poems to older elementary and above. Consider the dynamic vocabulary and cadence in this excerpt from “Montgolfier Brother’s Hot Air Balloon”:
We might have gone much farther,
We flew superhumanly
Till our smart little cart started falling apart,
Sagging diagonally.

Poems vary one from another in organization and length, but all achieve a sense of wonder, celebrating our brave forefathers who were captivated by the notion of flying higher, longer, farther, more quickly, even so far as into space (Space Shuttle Columbia.) Endnotes furnish additional information about each vessel of flight. This collection of poetry is a splendid melding of sensory imagery, vocabulary development, history of flight, and visual appeal. It would be an excellent addition to an upper elementary or above library or classroom.

Book Reviews
Hazel Rochman (Booklist, Nov. 15, 2010 (Vol. 107, No. 6))
In this picture-book anthology of 13 poems, Lewis celebrates the dramatic adventure of flight, from the ancient Greek myth of Icarus to the Wright brothers’ story to the blast-offs of contemporary rockets, and Kubinyi’s full-page, beautifully detailed illustrations extend the exciting technology. Although an accompanying time line isn’t focused entirely on air travel, it does give some context to the facts embedded in the verse lines.

Kirkus (Kirkus Reviews, September 1, 2010 (Vol. 78, No. 17))
Thirteen buoyant poems highlight famous and infamous attempts to fly, starting with Icarus's misguided efforts to rise "on wings of wax" in 800 BC and ending in 2002 with that "behemoth of adventure" and "front-row ticket to celestial theater in the round," Space Shuttle Columbia. A lively, lyrical introduction to some of aviation's more memorable milestones.

Poetry Break!
Spotlight Poem
Bell Rocket Belt
1961, US

                                           I’m rising
                                           Right here in the middle of sky!

                                           I throttle
                                           The bottle
                                           Of my rocket model-
                                           Bazzooom! I’m a highflying guy

                                           To ceiling-
                                           And no sinking feeling.
                                           A human can zoom up so fast

                                           By rocket-
                                           The shock at
                                           What’s in my back pocket-
                                           A turbojet engine’s a blast!

Learning Extensions
·      Introducing the poem: Ask students (upper elementary – high school) if they have ever wanted to fly- not in a plane or helicopter- but fly on their own. How would that be accomplished? Share answers, encourage imaginative responses. Lead the conversation to the conclusion that imagining and dreaming are often the first steps in inventing and discovery.
·      Display the book Skywriting: Poems to Fly for students. Give a brief summary, explaining the concept and organization. Display the poem “Bell Rocket Belt” via document camera, so students can see the illustration and follow along as the teacher reads the poem.
·      After sharing the poem, ask students what appeals to them in the poem and illustration. Encourage students to recite specific lines or stanzas that capture their attention or imagination.
·      Read the poem chorally, emphasizing the rhythm and onomatopoeia.
·      Extension: allow students to compose a poem of their own about individual flight. Students can work with a partner for writing and/or illustrating. Urge students to include onomatopoeia and action verbs to give life to the poem. Share with the class, as students are willing.

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