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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Poetry 5663 Follow Follow

Follow Follow
A book of Reverso Poems
By Marilyn Singer

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Singer, Marilyn, and Josée Masse. Follow Follow: A Book of Reverso Poems. New York: Dial Books for Young Readers, 2013. ISBN 9780803737693

Critical Analysis
Beginning to end, end to beginning: Marilyn Singer’s latest book of “reverso” poetry is delightful, cunning fun. Hidden meanings, secret messages, and loaded imagery connect the reader to opposing sides of familiar folk tales and fairy tales. Accompanied by split-page full color illustrations, each short poem pair invites the reader to remain on the page just a bit longer to consider the words, clever arrangement, and fully loaded depictions of standard tales. A simple change in punctuation alters meanings here, giving the reader food for thought, as well as chuckles.

Inventive word choice and arrangement are the foundation to establishing contrasting meanings in these paired creations. Rhythm and tone change considerably as the lines of the first poem are reversed to form the second poem. Readers young and old will find connections to familiar fairy and folk tales, challenging long-held assumptions on the meaning of those tales. The prolific Ms. Singer sheds fresh light with creative word choice and thought-provoking viewpoints. This book would be a terrific addition to a collection at any level. Young readers will simply enjoy the fun poems and trickery of reversing the lines. Mid-level readers will begin to understand the subtle  variations in meaning created by word arrangement, and how words and phrases can have multiple meanings. High-level readers will savor interpreting deeper meanings and seeing firsthand the power of word choice. Follow Follow is a welcome addition to the worlds of poetry, folk and fairy tales, and creative writing inspiration.

Book Reviews
Kirkus (Kirkus Reviews, January 15, 2013 (Vol. 81, No. 2))
A companion piece to the acclaimed Mirror, Mirror (2010), this offering presents more delightful "reverso" poems to treasure. Read alongside the traditional tales it plays off of or enjoyed on its own, this volume is one to savor.

Deborah Stevenson (The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books, Feb. 2013 (Vol. 66, No. 6))
With Mirror, Mirror (BCCB 4/10), Singer introduced the cunning poetic “reverso,” a free-verse poem that creates a very different meaning when the order of the lines is reversed. This volume brings fourteen new poems, with an introduction and a valedictory bookending a dozen folktale-themed verses.

Poetry Break!
Spotlight Poem

Ready, Steady, Go!

That ridiculous loser!                                             Take me to the finish line!
I am not                                                            I’ve got rabbit feet to
a slowpoke.                                                        beat.
Though I may be                                                  I can’t be
the smallest bit distracted,                                     the smallest bit distracted.
I can’t be                                                          Though I may be
beat.                                                                a slowpoke,
I’ve got rabbit feet to                                           I am not
take me to the finish line!                                       that ridiculous loser!  

Learning Extensions
Introducing the poem:
·      For Middle School or older students, refresh their memory of The Tortoise and the Hare by viewing the short rendition of the Aesop’s Fable at
·      Who should the rightful winner of the race be? Students will debate this with the Talk a Mile a Minute cooperative learning strategy. Ask students to form a single line across the front of the room, with those who think it clearly should be the hare on the left side, those who think it clearly should be the tortoise on the right side, filling in the middle with those who favor one side slightly more than another. Then split the line in the middle, move half the line from the middle to form a second line that will be standing across from a classmate, each with opposing views on the subject. Students will have one minute each to try to convince the other that their view is correct.
·      Students will return to their seats. Share the reverso poem “Ready, Steady, Go!” orally, first presenting the hare’s story, then the tortoise’s.
·      Invite class discussion of the opposing views.
·      Display the poems for the class via document camera. Allow volunteer readers to alternate reading the poems as students follow along.
·      Now switch volunteer readers. With both poems still displayed, have the first reader read the first line of the hare’s poem, then the other reader read the first line of the tortoise’s poem. Continue this pattern, alternating readers/poems after each line.
·      Invite class discussion of the power of the words in the different order, with different punctuation and emphasis.

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