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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Awful Ogre Running Wild

Awful Ogre Running Wild
By Jack Prelutsky

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Prelutsky, Jack, and Paul O. Zelinsky. Awful Ogre Running Wild. New York, N.Y.: Greenwillow Books, 2008. Print. ISBN 9780066238678 

Critical Analysis

What could be more appealing to readers of children’s poetry than an over-sized hero with a naughty side? Jack Prelutsky takes that thought and runs with it in this entertaining romp through the world of a lovable ogre. Awful Ogre recounts his escapades in light rhyming verse that flows freely with natural rhythm and meter. The easy flow of the poems adds to their enchanting appeal. Full double page illustrations add to the sensory delight for the reader.

The underlying impishness of Awful Ogre appeals to the child in all of us. Ogre seems to know that he is doing wrong from time to time, but is not too concerned about it. Most children will find that totally relatable, though they must make the choice to behave that Ogre does not. Creative word choice will add to children’s understanding of multiple meanings. Common daily events are described, Ogre-style. All of these ingredients lead to a delicious selection that will be a feast for readers of all ages.

Book Reviews
Carolyn Phelan (Booklist, Sep. 1, 2008 (Vol. 105, No. 1))
The huge but rather childlike character featured in Prelutsky and Zelinsky’s Awful Ogre’s Awful Day (2001) returns in a new volume of light verse accompanied by full-page and double-page illustrations. Prelutsky shows his sure sense of rhythm and rhyme as well as his child-pleasing sense of humor in this series of 17 clearly written poems. Most appear on double-page spreads, accompanied by large ink-and-watercolor illustrations that reflect the tone of the verse. Highlighting the barely controlled chaos of this amiable ogre’s world, the pictures create a visually imaginative setting where anything can happen and, in the fun-to-discover details, something often does. A crowd-pleasing encore.

Greg M. Romaneck (Children's Literature)
Jack Prelutsky is the first formally-designated Poet Laureate for Children in the United States. His work is typified by a winsome rhyming scheme, delightful subject matter, and an ear for a laugh. In his latest work, Prelutsky maintains his good form and provides young children with a touching look at the life of an unusual character. Awful Ogre is a playful being who is thrilled that summer has finally arrived. Throughout this set of whimsical poems, youngsters will be entertained not only by Awful Ogre’s actions but also by the rhythm of the poetry. Prelutsky uses a standard meter that helps children pick up on the musical nature of the poems. In addition, the beautiful and fetching illustrations crafted by Paul O. Zelinsky make this a wonderful book to share.

Best Book Lists
Children's Catalog Supplement to Nineteenth Edition, 2009 ; H. W. Wilson Company; United States

Poetry Break!
Spotlight Poem
Awful Ogre All Alone

I’m atop Old Ogre Mountain,
And I’m gazing all around.
Clouds are floating far below me.
I can’t hear a single sound.
Birds are nowhere in attendance,
They could never fly this high,
So there’s nothing to disturb me
As I almost scrape the sky.

Here upon the very apex
Of this monumental hill,
I’m contented, calm, and peaceful,
And I’m sitting very still.
Thought it took a while to get here,
It was clearly worth the climb-
On occasion, even ogres
Need a little quiet time.

Learning Extensions
·      Ask students to picture the lovable ogre, Shrek. What are some qualities of ogres? Are they real? Why do we write stories about make-believe characters/
·      Invite students to sit back and enjoy this poem about a wild and crazy ogre who decides to take a peaceful day.
·      Share the poem orally, with students imagining the scene/setting Awful Ogre is a part of.

·      This poem makes a wonderful choral reading selection. Distribute copies of the poem to all students, or display via Document camera. Read the poem chorally, with the teacher reading two lines, then the students reading the next two line.
·      Vary the presentation by having students pair up to present the poem to the class. Reader one will read the first two lines, alternating with the other reader in two line segments. Encourage students to read with inflection, to capture the emotion of the poem.

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